Quilted Hat

Quilted Hat

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Mountain life has always been a rich and vibrant cultural tapestry. It’s where history and tradition intersect with creativity and resilience. Quilted captures the essence of mountain living in such a way that honors the past, while not being stuck in it. 

Artist Insights: For Quilted I wanted to give homage to the rich creativity that has always been a part of Appalachian culture and combine it with the style of electronic media, specifically pixel graphics. The past, present and future need to coincide for us to keep moving forward”

                                                                              -K. Reed Mountain Mindful Design Team
  • 40% hemp, 25% cotton, 25% recycled polyester
  • Front: 55% hemp, 45% cotton
  • Back mesh: 100% recycled polyester

    OSFA Adjustable

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